Collar Chair captivates by the connection between seatshell and legs. In generell legs are connected adaptiv with the seatshell, so there are only a few possible leg combinations.

The clou of Collar Chair is, that a Multitool is placed between two synthetic felt layers, while they are pressed together via thermoforming to generate the seatshell. The Multitool has the characteristics to include all necessary junctions for every possible legtype. Because of the soft characteristics of the felt, the junctions, which are not in use are covered and can be easily uncovered when needed.


The design of the seatshell describes a maskulin opened collar, with a female waist below.The seatshell effects a feeling of comfort and safety and allows to sit in different positions.


The same material origin of the felt and the Multitool effects a 100% recyclability of the seatshell.